By chance

“Sometimes it’s not about the journey or the destination, but the people you meet along the way.” -Nishan Panwar

I am a firm believer that everything in our lives happen for a reason whether we realize it or not. I am also a firm believer that the circumstances of our lives do not happen “by chance”.

After almost 22 years of life filled with tender mercies I do not know why the concept of the perfectness (idk if that’s even a word) of God’s timing still comes as such a surprise to me. He knows me way better than I know myself and he has a much better view of the bigger picture than I.

Before Kade left we debated back and forth about what I should do while he was gone. Should I go back home to Kentucky so that I could be surrounded by family and friends so that this whole process would be easier (and maybe even be able to pocket a bit more extra cash) … or should I stay out in California – a place where I would not be surrounded by those family and friends, but I could continue with the life we’ve started out here? I am so grateful that when it came down to it we chose the latter.

Moving in the town that we did right after getting married has been the best decision in our marriage yet. Staying here after him leaving has already proven to be the second best decision yet. Not only have we been blessed with the beauty of living in Southern California, but the people we are surrounded by is what makes us love it so much. For reasons of our own we knew we did not want to live on the military base out here, so that sent us looking for apartments in the surrounding 30 mile radius. An area neither one of us were familiar with but decided to take a shot in the dark go for it anyways.

Someone tell me that we ended up unknowingly living in one of the wealthiest and safest ranked areas in the country simply “by chance”. Someone tell me that the fact that I would be living in this same area while he was deployed was simply “by chance”. Someone tell me that during this time I am surrounded by some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life simply “by chance”.

Since living here we have been welcomed with open arms. Spend one day with us and you’ll figure that out too. Since Kade left, I have been swaddled in love by these same open arms. Whether it be dinner invites or movie dates, late night phone calls or house checks, I can honestly say that now more than ever I am seeing how the Lord uses those around you to be his physical hands during times of need. I am seeing more than ever first hand evidence of how he puts us exactly where we need to be when we need to be there. 21 years old, living on my own, and again I am being reminded that no matter how lonely I think I feel, I am never alone.

I like to think that those who we come in contact with throughout our lives have not been placed in our paths by coincidence and there is a much greater person than I orchestrating the events of my life. Too many tender mercies have happened for me to think otherwise. Though we are uncertain where our journey will take us after this, for now this place really has become our home away from home, and for now – at this present moment – I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

I didn’t start a blog so that I could try to relate and inspire all those who took the time to read it – a blog 50,000 people would share and be like “wow she took the words right out my mouth”. Heck, I could care less if anyone gives two cents about what I have to say. This is for me. I started one to write the words of my heart and the things weighing on my mind. And tonight, as I lay here in bed by myself at 8:00pm on Halloween night, I can’t help but look back on this past weekend, these last couple of weeks, and just my life in general, and think about how blessed I truly am.


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